alpha polygosan




Cherry flavor

Skin | Hair | Nails | Protect cells from oxidative stress |
Reduce fatigue | immune system

Dietary supplement.
Powdered drink with Resveratrol (98% of resveratrol excreted from the Polygonum cuspidatum plant).
Collagen (hydrolyzed), (country of origin: Germany).
Coenzyme Q10.
Vitamin D, C, E and B complex, biotin, folic acid and trace elements zinc and selenium. With sweetener and chocolate flavor.

Drink - Box with 30 sachets of 14gs.



Thanks to the rich range of antioxidant ingredients in AntoSAN, many of which are based on natural extracts, AntoSAN has a full antioxidant effect.

To compensate for the lack of antioxidants caused by improper nutrition, ZiaPharma Swiss GmbH has developed a product called AntoSAN, which contains a scientifically balanced combination of antioxidants from various origins.